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About Us

Chakra Hearts is a enlighten lifestyle brand we love gemstones & crystals, implementing them into everyday life to empower & inspire, admiring their beauty power and healing properties.

Balancing our own chakra with today's complexities can be a challenge! " Being centered " with our thoughts and emotions, while trying desperately to apply "Mind Body & Spirit" techniques, Such as MINDFULNESS to help us overcome any negative self-talk or other harmful influences that may stop us from having harmony in our life.

Chakra healing helps to keep us in alignment with our own truths and creating unconditional love for yourselves by having self-worth and self-acceptance & being able to tap into our own personal power ♥

There are 7 main chakras to the energy systems, starts from the base of the spine to the top of our crown. Being aware of how they affect us is how we are able to (tuned in) and harness our energy life force.       

The human body is a natural source of energy known as "chi" which flows through us via our meridians, which have little pathways of energy that feeds us vital life force. This energy flows and feeds your chi by unlocking the energy; it opens up those blockages and can help us to feel more virility & strength, it also helps us to feel a lot more positive about ourselves and the world around us.

Colour Therapy is a great way to balance Chakras, each of the spectra of colors is made of simple light with varying wavelengths, thus each color has its own particular energy/vibration which resonates with each of the main chakra points, Colour therapy can help re-balance our chakras and help with our stresses anxiety, communication and how we feel. Our home environment plays a big part of how we feel. Creating ambiance and harmony with color at home is a great way to heal & feel comfortable in our own space feeling relaxed and at peace.

Gemstones and crystals have their own healing properties, they are vibrations of energy, which helps us balanced and have more harmony.

Popular gems and their energy boosting powers!

Amethyst:  Creativity, Spiritual Awareness, Inner peace, Third eye meditation.    

Quartz: Used by energy workers like reiki crystal healing is also wonderful for dispelling negativity.    

Rose Quartz: Known as the "Love stone" Feminine energy & Contentment.    

Turquoise: One of the oldest stones in history dating back to the early Egyptian, it has a BIG list of protection powers. Tibetan monks wear them in pray, especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra and for clearing blockages with suppressed self-expression, Great for Healing, Intuition, Negative, energy balancing for inner calm. We will discuss chakras & color therapy in more detail in weeks to come.

WE ARE OVER THE MOON!!  That you have popped in for a visited & do hope you Enjoy our online shop. We appreciate your support and hope to bring you more online divine Jewels and gifts, So you can spoil yourselves as you deserve!  "Divine Spirits" 

In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your support and send you all BIG LOVE ❤

PS... We also have a gorgeous collection of Homewares & Decor Gifts, Mala Beads & Mandalas for those who love Sacred Geo and just want to create more ambiance in your life. 

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